White Gold Promise Rings

Give your promise more meaning and substance with a beautiful promise ring, and while you’re at it why not splurge on white gold rings.

Promise Rings are a constant reminder of a promise made between two people. Promise rings have grown in popularity for “pre engagement” meaning if you’re sure that you have found your match but you aren’t ready to get married just yet, a promise ring is a beautiful and romantic gesture that symbolizes commitment and promises for a future together.

 – l promise to be your warm spot to cuddle up to when you feel cold

 – l promise to be your soft place to land if you should fall

 – l promise to be the first one to say l am sorry

 – l promise to be there for you in all of your times of joy and sorrow

 – l promise to be support you no matter what your decision

 – l promise to make a new memory with you each and every day

 – l promise to love you without change” –Lisa Jones

The significance of Promise Rings

A promise they say is never to be broken… and that it takes more courage to keep a promise than break it.

In the 16th century promise rings were given as a sing of betrothal, when a couple was ready to declare their love and union to the world. It was a step taken before the engagement and nuptials.

Today the concept of promise rings is a little more different. Promise rings are given as a sign of commitment to one another, but couples are not the only ones who wear promise rings. A promise ring can be worn by any one. It can be given to a friend, a lover or even to yourself, as a memento of a commitment.

Styles of Promise Rings

The most common style of Promise Rings is the sterling silver promise rings and diamond promise rings. There are other styles as well, those set with yellow gold with precious and semi precious stones like topaz, aquamarines or sapphires.

White gold promise rings and diamond promise rings look more classy, though that’s not to say that they others don’t. But if you have the money why not spend it on something more eternal like a diamond promise ring.

So make a promise that you can keep and not just with words, with a promise ring!

White Gold Promise Rings

Many white gold promise rings are given as purity rings. Purity rings are symbols of a promise between people in a romantic but non-sexual relationship or between parent and child about chastity and abstinence. Gold promise rings are usually used for primarily those two purposes. When you give a promise ring made of white gold you are making a special pact. It represents what you want for the future. The white gold in the promise ring stands for purity and innocence. This symbolizes the promise to stay innocent and strong within your beliefs.

The ring itself shows the unending belief in keeping that promise. The promise is very important. Not everyone practices chastity or gives white gold promise rings, but those that do take it seriously. It’s part of their culture or family tradition. They want their significant other or child to fight temptation and stay pure.

White gold promise rings make the best purity rings. They represent the purpose of the purity promise the most accurately. Some people use silver, stackable or yellow gold promise rings for purity rings but white gold is the most relevant. When purchasing a promise ring, having the ring engraved with a brief summary of the promise is a nice special touch. The person making the promise will appreciate the sentimental gesture of the engraving. It will be a motivational reminder of the promise.

You should include a note describing why you’re giving them this promise ring, which can be read before opening the gift. White gold promise rings can be adorned with diamonds. When giving a ring of this type to a man makes sure it is as simple as you can make it.

Basically, white gold is an alloy of gold with a mix of nickel, zinc, copper, tin and manganese. Nowadays, white gold jewelry is sometimes even plated with rhodium. The main reason white gold was developed was to imitate platinum during World War ll. This was mainly because platinum was then considered a strategic material and was not allowed to be used in non-military applications like jewelry making.

White gold is now one of the foremost metals used in the manufacture of jewelry. The advantage of white gold promise rings over gold promise rings is that these rings can have more articulate designs on them since white gold is more malleable than gold; this malleability allows two friends to easily inscribe sweet wordings.

Another advantage of white gold over gold is that it is less expensive than regular gold. It is a form of gold, but at a lower rate. So if money is an important factor while buying a promise ring, it is better to go for white gold promise rings as they are less expensive, but are still a proud member of the gold metal family!


It is well sung that “men may come and men may go, but I go on forever”. In that line the first person I is emphatic to stand not only for human beings but also for human values that give life to culture or civilization in the society. Very often human values are represented by gifts like these promise rings. Hope at least these promise rings would help people in keeping up their promises.