About SCSFE.com

Hi and welcome to SCSFE.com thanks for visiting our about page and taking an interest in what we have to say.


SCSFE.com is run by 5 women (Sarah, Cathy, Stephanie, Fiona and Ellie). We all come from different walks of life and who met each other at our children’s daycare center in 2012. Since then we have all been the best of friends and decided to start a website together where we can share our collective wisdom on all types of different topics.


What you can expect at SCSFE

It really depends on who is writing, but we are all married with children, so there is a good chance that their will be a lot of mom and kids talk.

  • Sarah works as a marketing executive for a large advertising agency and has a wealth of experience with promoting businesses and websites, she is the one that grouped us all together to start SCSFE – more about Sarah.
  • Cathy is a chef who is looking to start her own restaurant in the next couple of years, currently she works for a major hotel chain – more.
  • Stephanie recently became a stay at home mom who runs her own online fashion and jewelry business. Prior to starting her own online business, Stephanie worked as a interior decorator. More about steph.
  • Fiona works in the financial services industry and helps people to reach their financial goals – read more.
  • Ellie runs her own hair salon and is a professionally trained stylist. To learn more about Ellie see her about page.


Who is SCSFE.com written for?

SCSFE.com is written for both you and us. Each contributor to SCSFE has such a diverse background that we have so many tips to share with the world. Hopefully you will like what it is that we have to share with you and that you find it both entertaining and of use to you.


Why start blogging?

Blogging is a great way for us to all work together and provide an outlet for our many different backgrounds. We each really enjoy each others company and we thought this website would be a great way for us to continue our friendship even as our children grow and we all go our own separate ways through life.