5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls

Christmas shopping is hard work, particularly when you don’t know what to get for people. So here I am going to list 5 of the top Christmas gift ideas that I have this year for my own family.


1 – Hair Straightener

My daughter is now getting to an age where she wants to be able to do her own hair the way she wants, and that means that she wants her very own hair straightener. Now I’m hardly an expert when it comes to hair products, but there are plenty of best hair straightener sites comparing lots of the different hair straighteners and other hair care products that are available at the moment.

2 – Clothes Vouchers

I’m yet to meet a girl that doesn’t like clothes shopping and so getting a clothes voucher just makes a lot of sense, particularly with girls being so picky when it comes to selecting their own style you don’t want to buy them something that they won’t like – or worse, is lame…


3 – Perfume

Most girls like to smell nice, and getting the right perfume can really help with that. If you know what type of perfume, or the type of scent they are after, then getting perfume as a present is a great idea. IF you aren’t sure on the type of scent they want, then just go with another voucher so that she can choose her own perfume.


4 – Bath Salts and Oils

Getting a girl bath packages, including oils, soaps and salts is my fail-safe present. Almost all girls like it, and you can never have too many. I always try to make sure that included in the gift is things like loofahs and that it is contained within a useful travel pack.


5 – Day Spa package

Finally something you can get twins is something like a day spa package. I find that this is a great gift, but you really need someone to go with, that’s why getting it for twins makes so much sense. Alternatively, you could always buy an extra session for yourself to attend as well – I mean, why not also enjoy yourself right?


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