5 All-Natural Homemade Beauty Products That Will Save You Money

5 All-Natural Homemade Beauty Products That Will Save You Money

We all want to look good, but some people spend way too much money on beauty products. From wrinkle creams to lotions and potions that promise glowing skin, there is a wide variety of beauty products available today.

While it is nice to have a vast selection of beauty products to choose from, many of these products can be quite expensive and can contain harsh chemicals that are bad for your skin. The reality is that many of the beauty products you find on the shelves of stores can be replaced with homemade versions that won’t break the bank or damage your skin.

If you want to save money while looking good naturally, here are 5 great homemade beauty products you can create yourself.

Yogurt And Fruit

Yogurt and fruit may sound like a yummy treat, but these foods can also give you a great exfoliating facial treatment. A fruit and yogurt facial can be just as effective as an expensive store bought kind.


Lavender And Rosemary Hair Oil

If you want to give your hair daily protection while leaving it smelling beautiful, try making a lavender and rosemary hair oil. Simply blend together the lavender and rosemary and rub the oil on a brush before brushing your hair. When blended together, lavender and rosemary makes a nourishing hair treatment.


Face Mask

A face mask is the perfect way to bring back the health of your skin. Most store bought face masks can be quite expensive, but it’s super easy to make a face mask at home. For a refreshing apple face mask, simply blend applesauce and wheat germ together and you have an instant face mask. Or, blend together an egg, an avocado, a carrot, and some honey and you’ll have a face mask that is chock full of the vitamins needed for healthy looking skin.


Hand Sanitizer

If you want to make a quick hand sanitizer that will leave your hands moisturized and clean, simply blend a little aloe vera gel with some rubbing alcohol and a few drops of your favorite essential oil. This mixture will create a cleansing hand cleaner that is gentle on your skin without costing tons of money.


After Bath Or Shower Body Oil

If you want to create a great after bath or shower body oil that will leave your skin hydrated and smelling good, all you need to do is blend olive oil with your favorite scented oil. Almost everyone has olive oil in a cabinet somewhere which makes this soothing after bath or shower oil really simple to make.


Looking good doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. With just a little creativity and imagination, you, too, can create all natural homemade beauty products. Not only are homemade beauty products cheaper than store bought brands, but they do not contain harsh chemicals that can damage your skin or hair. If you want to save money while giving your skin or hair exactly what it needs to look and feel healthy, try creating one of the above listed homemade beauty products.

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